Kosovo becomes a member of VEF

Prishtina, KOSOVO – More than 180 business and institutional representatives from 19 countries have participated at the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF) – Prishtina meeting, organised for the first time in Kosovo.

The meeting, organised by VEF on 25 and 26 March, under the patronage of the Kosovar Prime Minister, Hashim Thaqi has gathered many business representatives and investors from 19 countries to discuss about investing in Kosovo and the region.

At the same event, the Republic of Kosovo has officially become the 14th member of Vienna Economic Forum. The membership agreement was signed by the Kosovar Prime Minister, Hashim Thaqi and the President of Vienna Economic Forum, Erhard Busek.

Representatives of Kosovo Government, including Prime Minister Thaqi and Ministers of Trade and Industry, Transportation and Telecommunication, Energy and Mining, have invited foreign investors to invest in Kosovo and have guaranteed their commitment to further improving the investment climate.

The president of VEF, Erhard Busek has said he is very pleased to see so many positive changes in Kosovo during the last few years.

Vienna Economic Forum (VEF) is an organisation which gathers 14 CEE countries and it aims to promote investment opportunities in the region from the Adriatic to the Black Sea.