Kosovo allocates € 20.5 million for a new coal mine

Prishtina, 11 July 2007 – The Government of Kosovo has allocated 20.5 million Euros for opening the coal mine of Sibovc. the allocated amount covers only the needs for 2007 and does not include preparations for the new power plant “Kosova C”. Around 250 million Euros will be needed to open the entire area of the Sibovc mine.

“Coal reserves in Bardh and Mirash are approximately 27-28 million tons and they can only last for the next two years. Sibovc mine needs to be opened in order to be ready for digging in 2009-2010,” said officials of Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK). The Minister of Economy and Finances, Haki Shatri, stressed that the Ministry will support all reasonable requests coming from KEK. “In long term this will help the economic development and budget savings, since the energy production will replace the expensive import of electricity.”