Kosmocell loses Kosovo GSM license to Ipko Net

Prishtina, 21 February 2007 – Ipko Net, which offered EUR 75 mn scoring second in the bidding, can now claim the GSM license, KTA says.

Kosmocell lost the license since it failed to make due payment of EUR 81 mn initially offered in the bidding. Ipko net was thus given the opportunity to step in and has 14 days to put down the deposit and become the second mobile operator in Kosovo.

Telecom Slovenia bought 75 percent of Ipko Net last year becoming its majority stakeholder. It has invested 19.5 million euros in the Kosovo company so far to ensure further network building and modernization in the two upcoming years.

Official results of the tender for the second licensed mobile operator in Kosovo were anounced two weeks ago. Kosmocell Consortium outpaced the competition by biding 81 million euros for the license. However, it failed to meet the deadline and pay in the set sum.