Italians ready to invest in Kosovo

Rome, 17 October 2007 – A delegation of Kosovar Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM), including Minister Ethem Ceku, are visiting the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy. The Kosovar Minister met his counterpart Minister Luigi Bersani, who is also a representative of TERNA, the Italian transmission operator. Minister Ceku informed Minister Bersani on the latest development in the energy and mining sector in Kosovo, including the project for the new power plant, Trepca mines, projects for hydro plants as well as plans for the development of the inter-connective transmission network with neighbouring countries.

Possibilities of co-operation were discussed, in particular on policy for environmental protection and transmission and inter-connection lines, which are in compliance with plans of TERNA for the underwater long distance conductor. The long distance conductor Albania – Italy and/or Montenegro – Italy will supply electricity generated in Kosovo. Bersani showed readiness to finance such conductor of 400 kV for Kosovo-Macedonia that reaches some €20 million. For this purpose, experts of TERNA will continue to find a modality of co-operation.