Government of Kosovo transfers the airport to LKIA

On February 7th, 2011 the process of executing the agreement between the Government of Kosovo and Limak Kosovo International Aiport JSC (LKIA) for the transfer of Prishtina International Airport – Adem Jashari (PIA-AJ) to LKIA, which is managed by the Turkish-French consortium Limak-Aeroports de Lyon, has begun. The private partner has in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement asked to extend the deadline for another 30 days.

This process was preceded by the fulfillment of certain preconditions, among which was the ensuring of financing by LKIA, the approval of designs for the terminal, etc.

Limak-Aeroports de Lyon was awarded the contract on August 12, 2010 after they offered the Government of Kosovo an average 39.42% of gross income in exchange for the right to operate the Airport.

Consortium Limak-Aeroports de Lyon is expected to invest in order to modernize and expand PIA-AJ by spending over 100 million € in new infrastructure, including the construction of a new terminal. The private partner is also expected to operate the Airport by offering extended services at high quality. Republic of Kosovo will retain 100% ownership of the Airport.

Rumors have been circulating in the media that LKIA has allegedly placed the Airport as collateral on a loan taken in the Turkish bank “Vakifbank.” This would be in violation of the Law for public enterprises.

This transfer is the result of an initiative by the Government of Kosovo to improve public enterprises by placing them in the management of private companies.