French businesses interested for Kosovo

As part of her visit to France, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms. Mimoza Kusari – Lila met with representatives of French business associations, such as Movement of the French Enterprises (MEDEF) and UbiFrance.

The purpose of these meetings was the presentation of investment opportunities in various economic sectors in Kosovo, such as agribusiness, infrastructure, energy and information technology.

Kusari-Lila said that the Kosovo Government has set reforms on the economic sector as a priority, including an improvement of the business environment, the continuation of the privatization process as well as an increase in the public-private initiatives.

On the other hand, Phillipe Gautier, Director for International Relations at the MEDEF, said that French businesses were looking at the Balkans as an area with high economic growth potential in coming years and are interested in deepening the economic cooperation.

Concrete initiatives were also discussed during the meeting such as the organization of a French-Kosovar economic forum in the spring of next year in Kosovo. Such meetings serve mostly as an opportunity to exchange experiences and to start cooperation between businesses of both countries.
MEDEF has more than 700 thousand affiliated firms, 90 percent of them belong in the group of small and medium enterprises, whereas UBIFRANCE, which operates within the Ministry of Economy of France, is the Export Promotion Agency and operates in 46 states.