First private Hydro Power Plant in Kosovo

Prishtinë, Oct 14, 2005 – The renovation of this Lumbardh Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in Decan, which used to be called Kozjerr, started 18 months ago when the owner Florin Krasniqi signed an agreement with KEK, KTA, and Kosovo Government on renting this energy facility for 40 years.

Congratulating Krasniqi on this investment, KEK manager John Ashley said that Kosovo has become an open place for private investments in the energy sector. In addition, Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem Ceku said that the investor has done an excellent job.

Meanwhile, Zeri quotes Ceku as saying that the ministry he runs would do the best for private investor to have access to this very important sector for Kosovo. “We also expect private investments in the rehabilitation of Kosova A,” said Ceku.

This newspaper reads that the owner of this HPP has rented it for 20 years from KEK with the possibility of renewing the contract for 20 more years. The rehabilitation cost $10m.