European Parliament adopts resolution for Kosovo

Brussels, 5 April 2004 – The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Kosovo condemning the recent violence and asking the EU Council to review in detail the final status issue and to come up with a clear timeframe for the finalization of status, “Koha Ditore” reports. The members of the European Parliament request a continuation of the Stabilization and Association Tracking Mechanism, but demand it to be conditioned.

The members of the European Parliament were reportedly very critical about the hesitation of Albanian leaders to condemn the violence and said that this could seriously damage the process of standards before status. Kosovo Serbs should refrain from violence and stop the practice of requesting support from Serbia and Montenegro, requested the members. Belgrade is requested to dissolve the parallel structures it supports in Kosovo. At the same time the creation of conditions for the safe return of Serbs who left Kosovo during recent acts of violence is demanded, the paper reports.

The members of the European Parliament requested the continuation of the privatization process in Kosovo and added that Kosovars should be judged based on their actions.

Being critical towards the EU Council for Foreign Policy, Joost Lagendijk, Dutch member, said: ‘The policy you are following does not resolve anything. A status-quo policy does not resolve anything. Only an independent Kosovo with some conditions is the solution.’