European Commission launches IPA Program for Kosovo

Representatives of the European Commission said that EUR 326.5 million were allocated to help Kosovo to move towards European integration through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) programme in the period 2007-2010. For 2007 alone, the budget of EUR 68 million was allocated and the amount of money allocated just for 2008 is EUR 124.7 million.

“In case of Kosovo, the normal IPA annual budget is EUR 65 million, but the EC has noticed special needs of this country, in particular after definition of status. It has therefore added another EUR 60 million for projects in 2008″ said the Head of the EC Liaison Office in Kosovo, Renzo Davidi.

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Hajredin Kuci said that the Kosovo government is engaged to fulfil the foreseen criteria for membership in the European Union. “We will try to build our society in a way to fulfil the required criteria. We will work hard in order to become at least a candidate for joining the EU at the same time with countries of the region,” said Kuci.