EU grants 5 million for agro-projects in Kosovo

European Commission Liaison Office in Prishtina has presented a scheme of grants, which will be financed by the EU, aiming to make rural improvements and develop the sector of agriculture. European Union will contribute 5 million euro in 13 projects during this year, in the processing of milk, meat, fruits and vegetables.

It was said on the ceremonial speech that the developments thus far aiming to create and strengthen administrative and development capacities were followed and supported actively by European Commission. These developments were also supported by various donors who have prioritised the expansion of trade and production capacities in order to allow for a stable, continuous and long-term economic development.

Officials from the European Commission Liaison Office explained that these grants will help processing and marketing, the hygienic standards, the quality and safety of the food, etc. “This will result in greater competition in the sector of agriculture as well as in the increase of consumer confidence for domestic products,” an official said. The cooperation, correctness and the transparency of the Government were also valued.

The European Union has granted around 70 million euro for rural development and agriculture since 1999 and this scheme of EU rural grants is part of an extensive program aiming to improve the standard of living in rural areas.

ECIKS / Koha