Energy in Kosovo becomes more environment-friendly

The Energetic Corporation of Kosovo (ECK) has begun the implementation of a project which removes dust from blocks of thermo power plant “Kosova A”. German company Dobersek, which won the tender, will carry out the work within this year.

The total cost of the project is 8.6 million euro, of which 7.6 million will be provided by ECK, whereas 1 million are a contribution of World Bank. The implementation of this project will reduce the emission of dust particles up to 80%. Dust particles which emanate from conveyer belts have a very negative effect on the environment.

Officials from the Corporation have said that the project for the removal of dust was taken very seriously by ECK due to the importance of protecting the environment. “The Corporation will give you the full support. At the same time we expect from you to finish the work successfully and within the deadline,” was stated.

The hired company Dobersek, which specializes among others things in environmental engineering, has vowed to complete the work within the terms of the contract. The project will eliminate the need to transport dust using belts up to Dust Hill, substituting this with hydraulic transportation from the bunkers of power plant “Kosova A” to the empty mine of Mirash.

The elimination of conveyer belts for the transportation of dust will also open way for the rehabilitation of Dust Hill according to the designed project. Thermo power plant “Kosova B” has already installed this system.

This project emphasizes again strongly that the Corporation is committed to eliminate the negative impacts on the environment caused by the operation of ECK.

The total cost of all these projects is over 20 million euro, with source of financing from ECK itself as well as donations from World Bank and the Government of Netherlands.

Big environmental projects in ECK have begun in the last part of year 2009 with the cleaning and rehabilitation of Dust Hill close to PP “Kosova A”, the cleaning of 18 thousand tones of dangerous chemical residue from the previous factory, and the planting of saplings in four different depots of wasteland.