Delegation of Albania Customs Service in Kosovo

Prishtinë, Aug 17, 2006 – The meeting held between the Director of UNMIK Customs Service, Paul Acda, and the General Director of Customs of Albania, Perparim Dervishi, concluded that strong border security is in the best interest of all countries of the region, reported Kosovar TV stations.

The purpose of the meeting was to increase the cooperation between UNMIK Customs and its counterpart in Albania. According to Dervishi, topics of discussion included the quick electronic information line between the two customs administrations, exchange of information between customs staff and other possible ways of providing accurate information, and preventing smuggling and fiscal evasion.

“It is almost impossible to have full control over the border. The only way to prevent smuggling over the border would be to build a Chinese wall. But, this is not a solution of modern customs service. The Customs Services in Kosovo and Albania have a computer system for the exchange of information. However, the establishment of a special system to facilitate border crossing would encourage businesses even more,” stated Acda, quotes TV21.

The delegation of the Customs of Albania will meet officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finances and representatives of the business community tomorrow.

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce representatives meet Albanian Customs delegation

The Albanian delegation met also with representatives of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. The topic of the meeting held between both parties was the facilitation of procedures for the transport of goods and passengers on the customs and border crossing points, reported TV21.

For Kosovo Chamber of Commerce General Secretary Ejup Qerimi, the meeting was a good opportunity to request the simplification of procedures in order to prevent delays on the customs points of both countries.