Control over oil import in Kosovo causes internal disagreements

Prishtina, July 18, 2005 – The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) are “fighting” over the control over the oil that is being imported into Kosovo, Kosovar daily Epoka e Re reports.

To what extend and who should have control over the oil is misinterpreted. Recently the chairman of MTI has pointed at the Association for Fuel Products, which operates in the frame of the KCC.

MTI have been demanding better mechanisms from the Association. The Law on Oil Products requires that no member of the Board for Oil and Products, which had been created under the MTI, can be involved in politics or in any other circumstances linked to interests in regards to oil, which means that no member of KCC can become a full member of the Board.

This would lead to conflicts of interests. An official of the Association for Oil and Products said that those involved in the trade with these products are the ones who have formed the Association. “The Association as a single authorized body has complained about this rule to MTI,” said the official and continued “…but so far they have received no reaction from the Board for Oil.”

“The Association is well aware of who has a right to become a member and what the rules are.”

The Director of the Trade Department of MTI said that the law does not permit for the KCC to be involved in the Board for Oil.