CEZ Interested in Kosovo Energy Market

Czech CEZ Group is interested in investing in three key energy sectors in Kosovo, and could even buy the troubled KEK distribution company, a senior company official said.

CEZ could dominate the energy sector, starting with the buying of power plant “New Kosova”, the buying of KEK distribution, and investment in the Zhuri power plant.

“Opening our business in Kosovo is within our capacity”, said Ekrem Belegu, head of the Kosovo branch of CEZ Group, adding that his company can afford to buy KEK distribution service even with the large existing debts from the consumers.

In accordance with its long-term plans for investment in Kosovo, CEZ has already started building a based of educated specialists in the country, and in the last two years granted 160,000 euros in scholarships for the students of the Technical Faculty in Pristina’s University.

“We will continue this way our investment in the capital resource of Kosovo”, said Belegu.

The project for the construction of the thermo power plant Kosova C is managed by the Steering Committee of the Project headed the Minister of Energy and Mining of Kosovo. The amount to be invested is estimated at around 3.5bn euro.

Four out of ten companies and consortiums that have expressed their interest for construction of power plant Kosova C and who have met the qualification criteria are: the Czech CEZ/AES Corporation, the German RWE Power AG, the US-German Consortium EnBW/WGI the and Italian-Greek-American consortium Enel/Sencap.

Source: NKR