Ceku: Kosovo has a strategic vision for integrating in EU

Prishtinë, 28.11.2006 – In the eleventh meeting of the Stabilization Association Tracking Mechanism (STM), Kosovo PM Agim Ceku said Kosovo has a strategic vision and orientation for integrating in the EU as soon as possible.

Ceku said the Government considers the agenda of the reforms in politics and in administration as an indicator that will lead Kosovo towards building a democratic and functional society.

The Head of the European Commission (EC) Liaison Office in Pristina, Giorgio Mamberto, said progress has been made in the transfer of competencies to the local institutions, but further progress is needed in judiciary and the fight against corruption and human trafficking.

DSRSG Steven Schook is quoted as saying: “It was a comprehensive report of the EC, a detailed summary and I will say that UNMIK is taking more and more an advisory and supporting role.”