BPK turns into “Central Bank of Kosovo”

Prishtina, July 14, 2005 – In July, the new draft regulation for the Banking and Payment Authority of Kosovo (BPK) will be announced and will rename the BPK the Central Bank of Kosova (BQK).

Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance Muharrem Ibrahimi, who is also involved in talks with International Monetary Fund (IMF) representatives on establishing the central bank, told KosovaLive that the Ministry and the IMF had verbally agreed to rename the BPK. He added, however, that the decision should be delayed because the IMF still has some reservations.

The Kosovo Government and UNMIK agreed in May to transform the BPK into a central bank. At that time, it was announced that only technical formalities remained and that the process would be completed shortly.

ECIKS / KosovaLive