Acda: Brezovica ski-resort to be privatised in spring

Prishtina, 17 November 2007 – Kosovar daily “Lajm” carried a full page interview with the Head of UNMIK Pillar IV, Paul Acda, on the issue of privatisation of the Skiing Center Brezovica.

Below are Paul Acda’s answers on the privatisation of skiing resort Brezovica.

“During the last KTA Board meeting, the privatisation of Brezovica was not removed from the process. But the process of opening bids was delayed until spring since the potential for investments is quite great and more time is required for research. During the last meeting, the Privatisation Department has also issued brochures to be sent to foreign investors and the board approved a video. KTA participated at a conference in Vienna and has spoken to a great number of investors. The entire problem cannot be solved immediately as first the rules for special spin off should be set and we are currently discussing this with the management. Everything is going according to plan including the timeframe. The bids will be opened in spring of 2008. I have recently met with the Serbian Minister of Economy, who said that KTA cannot privatise Brezovica. However, based on the UN Resolution, it is clear that UNMIK has the authority to privatise it.

“Serbian Minister of Economy proposed to use the Serbian Agency for repairing the ski lifts. The hotels and restaurants can be privatised. He said that the Serbian Government intends to privatise Brezovica as it considers it to be its own property. It is clear that the municipality there and the people understand the importance of the privatisation of the enterprise. My obligation is for the entire process to proceed forward. All others, also a part of UNMIK have the same duty.