Hotel Emerald, Prishtinë 16.05.2022



Dear guests, welcome to the closing event of the ACCESS programme!

ACCESS – a four-year programme aimed at facilitating the development and digital transformation of the private and public sector in Kosovo. This programme has come into being to address the challenges and factors that hinder market access and inclusive market development in Kosovo.

ACCESS has contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of private sector enterprises and increasing their revenues through facilitating market access at home and abroad. ACCESS has facilitated the digital transformation of Kosovar SMEs through the Digital Empowerment Initiative, facilitated the creation of digital services for start-ups and SMEs through the establishment of the Founding Service at MIET / KIESA and established trade links between Kosovar and foreign entrepreneurs.

This program has also increased the efficiency of businesses through the creation of a legal basis for Electronic Identification, Certification and Trust Services (e-iDAS); has transposed the EU law and its sub legal acts on Network and Information Security (NIS),and has developed a feasibility study for the digitalization of Post of Kosovo. Through this ACCESS has contributed to the strengthening of e-commerce, e-government and cyber security in Kosovo.

ACCESS has also facilitated the internationalization of Kosovo SMEs through export promotion activities and helped to improve the quality of consulting services through the certification of local consultants and the international accreditation of their association (BCC) to provide certifications in digital transformation.

The ACCESS programme is funded by the Austrian Development Agency, co-financed by the Government of Kosovo, and implemented by ECIKS.



10 sub legal acts drafted in cooperation with the Danube Krems University (DUK) for to the Ministry of Economy. The e-IDAS law came into force in 2021.


EU Network and Information Security Directive (NIS), including five sub legal acts, transposed in cooperation with DUK for the Ministry of Economy.

Post of Kosovo

The Feasibility Study for the Informatization of the Kosovo Post has been completed in cooperation with TU Graz for the Ministry of Economy. All three above activities repserent a major contribution of ACCESS towards improving e-commerce, e-government services and cyber security in Kosovo, while applying the best Austrian and European practices.

Founding Service “My Business Platform”

The “My Business” digital platform was created – the first and only one that enables Kosovo businesses to access a variety of digital tools and services, launched by MINT & KIESA. 13 new digital tools and services for SMEs, including a business plan and online financial plan. Digital tools and services used as of April 2022 by 5,722 entrepreneurs.

Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI)

The Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI) was established on behalf of MIET and provided subsidized digitization services to SMEs. 62 companies (61% of them owned by women and 21% active in the green economy) were supported through DEI in their digital transformation.

Kosovo Exporters Directory (KED), Market Links and Export Hub

The Kosovo Export Directory has been supplemented and updated with profiles of 50 new ICT companies. These profiles are advertised through digital marketing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout the EU. Over 14,000 ICT companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland have been contacted for cooperation by now.
The B2B-Forum with 30 Austrian and Kosovar ICT companies took place in November 2021 in Vienna. 15 ICT companies from Kosovo participated and 26 market linkages were established through Export Hub.

Business Consultants Council (BCC)

BCC has been accredited internationally to provide training and certification in three areas of digitalization. After its Austrian sister organization, BCC is the second accredited institution worldwide to offer digital certifications. 35 consultants have so far been internationally certified in three areas of digitalization (48% of them are women).

Job Creation

As of March 2022, 388 jobs were created/maintained as a result of ACCESS program interventions.


Digital Empowerment Initiative Brochure