Activity 2

Facilitating the provision of digital services for start-ups/MSMEs through the establishment of the Founder Service

This activity aims to facilitate the establishment of a Founder Service platform within the Kosovo Business Registration Agency website which will provide new and relevant digital tools/services to Kosovo micro, small and medium enterprises. This platform will contain 8 new digital services/tools such as online brochures on different business topics, self-assessment tools, online tools, basic templates, e-courses.

The activity aims at triggering market system changes by introducing new business development tools that will provide easily accessible and inclusive services, thus increasing awareness and demand for the users of BDS, improving the efficiency of public and private sector, and improving the start-up business performance and competitiveness.It is expected that in total 6,000 MSMEs will benefit from using the digital tools/services provid-ed through Founder Service. Equal opportunity, diversity and non-discrimination will be promoted online and offline to support inclusive participation, especially women’s full participation, including in digital spaces.