A good year for Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has published its Annual Report for 2011. The Bank states that the year 2011 has been quite successful and is distinguished by a significant increase and further improvement of key performance indicators. Total assets were 682.8 million Euros (2010: 679.2 million Euros) while loans and advances have amounted 429.1 million Euros (2010: 391.9 million Euros ). Customer deposits remained stable, reaching a figure of 557.3 million Euros (2010: 550.2 million Euros). The profit achieved during 2011 was 12.4 million Euros while Raiffeisen continued to be the bank with the greatest equity in Kosovo with 58 million Euros.

“Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has continued to serve all categories of customers, businesses and individuals by offering services of high quality. Given the unpredictable circumstances of economic and financial developments in Europe, market share and growth at any cost have not been our primary goal in 2011. We’ve had a pretty good liquidity in terms of deposits and loan portfolios have grown based on quality rather than the volume of loans, “said Robert Wright, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo.“Our good results in 2011 have been valued by the famous international magazine Global Finance, which has chosen us as the best bank in Kosovo in 2011,” added Wright.

During 2011, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has continued to invest in the network of branches and customer service. Two new subsidiaries have been opened, thus increasing the total number of branches and subsidiaries to 52 in late 2011. Regarding customer service, the Bank has moved from a static relationship to the creation of a more dynamic and individualized relationship with customers. In the meantime, a lot of work has been done on improving existing products and service offerings, including the modern banking application M-Banking, which allows customers to use banking services through mobile phones.

Besides business, the Bank was also focused on supporting various projects in Kosovo as part of social responsibility towards the region where it operates. After the price from UNDP / American Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo as the best bank in terms of social responsibility, Raiffeisen Bank has continued to support various projects and activities in the field of sports, encompassing disciplines like basketball, badminton, archery with its bow sling, and countless others, arts, culture and social welfare in Kosovo.

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